Subscriber is responsible for supplying high speed internet access at Subscriber's premises. SLOMIN'S does not provide Internet service or maintain Internet connection or wireless access, computer, smart phone, electric current connection or supply, or the remote video server. In consideration of Subscriber making its monthly payments for access to SLOMIN'S online account management website, SLOMIN'S will provide Subscriber with a unique passcode which will access SLOMIN'S website, accessing Subscriber's security system. SLOMIN'S is not responsible for Subscriber's access to the Internet or any interruption of service or down time of remote access. Subscriber's security system can be compromised if the Internet codes or devices used for access are lost or accessed by others and SLOMIN'S shall have no liability for such third party unauthorized access. SLOMINS has no control over the Internet and Internet communication will not work without electricity. Internet communication lines are separate from telephone lines and are generally considered to be less reliable then telephone lines. Telephone lines can work without electricity in a Subscriber's premises; VoIP and Internet will not work in a Subscriber's premises without electricity unless there is battery or generator backup to supply electricity. SLOMINS is not responsible for signal communication failure, no matter the cause or reason and assumes no liability for any loss.

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